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A revolution to watch material

When the visionary, Rolf Schnyder took on the revival of the Ulysse Nardin manufacture, in 1983, his mission for the brand was that, henceforth, it should always pursue the highest horological endeavors, but always with cutting edge material science and watchmaking techniques on its side.

It was, therefore, that one of the first watches to come out of Ulysse Nardin’s replica watches UK rebirth was one which continues to inspire three decades on. This was, of course, the Astrolabium Galileo Galilei, unveiled in 1985, that among its many other functions, was able to convey complications such as equinoctial time and the aspect of the sun and the moon in relation to each other. There was really no denying the genius of the Astrolabium Galileo Galilei, so much so that in the same year, it was entered into the Guinness Book of Records.

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New thinking to Ulysse Nardin

Later in 1989, Ulysse Nardin diving fake watches gave us the Planetarium Copernicus followed soon by the Tellurium Johannes Kepler, in 1992. And thus, was created what we know today as the legendary Trilogy of Time — a set of three original astronomical timepieces, the likes of which had never been seen before in horology.

However, where it was the Trilogy of Time that appropriately cemented Ulysse Nardin’s revival, it was the Freak that ushered the brand into the 21st century — quite literally — when it was announced in 2001. The Freak didn’t just signal a coming of age, but a sense of unprecedented foresight.

Sigatec SA

We are able to proclaim thus on behalf of the Freak, because in order to realize this otherworldly wristwatch, Ulysse Nardin had to resort to using silicium to forge its regulating organ. This feat on its own gave rise to new knowhow such as Deep Reactive-Ion Etching (DRIE) and the establishment of the company, Sigatec SA, which specializes in the production of silicium micromechanical components. Today, Sigatec doesn’t just serve Ulysse Nardin, but plenty other watchmaking brands and even the aerospace and bio-medical industries.

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While those were the efforts that brought the name, Ulysse Nardin skeleton dial copy watches back, today the same underlying attitude can be seen in the good work that is continued on by the people at the brand’s manufacture at Le Locle and the timepieces they create, as is showcased in watches such as the Executive Skeleton Tourbillon.