Swiss Omega Speedmaster Series Leather Strap Watches UK

Omega watch is Swiss famous brands in the domestic popularity is quite high, its Seamaster, Constellation, Speedmaster, De Ville is very popular.But compared to the four series, Speedmaster on fame may be slightly smaller, but the performance of the Speedmaster is worthy of the name, the moon on it well illustrates this point.3882.51.37 is one of the series.The official reference price: RMB 107300.

Leather strap Omega replica watches UK.

The name of this watch is not Replica Omega Speedmaster Series Watches, broad arrow pointer, 44 mm diameter table is showing the man’s side.Third type dial is timing dial standard, and is a real sports fan.Pointer to the luminous coating, can let it can also be read at night time.It has the function of double after needle, this feature is very extravagant function on the watch, it’s harder than the tourbillon, perpetual calendar, 3 q, but also because of that it become very rare.Topic and play sex is very strong, almost not practical.

This function can record in two time, when a person to the finish, press this button to keep a record of his time.When another man arrived, press the pause button can record of its time.Then I can read them time.It uses is back through the design of the type, through the back can see inside the machine.Its movement is Omega Calibre 3612 Movement Fake Watches, this movement is not omega produced, is changed from Piguet 1286 luxe movement, after the Swiss observatory authentication, and has 52 hours of power reserve.No card balance spring design and modified omega coaxial system, gives this watch exceptional stability.

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The function of this watch is very complicated, although on the surface there is no special place, but making difficulty even higher than that of three complex functions.So in terms of timing functions, Leather Strap Omega Watches are very professional.The movement cost is too high, in the hour meter seen as a luxury.